July 14th 2003 New Ulm / Searles Minnesota Tornado - Chris Gullikson and Scott Weberpal

19 Meg Video Clip of Tornado 7:23 in length - Requires Windows Media Player 

Olympus E-10 Digital Camera  - Click to enlarge


East of Sleepy Eye MN, following a lowering with strong rotation


Brief funnel develops as we get blasted by the RFD


We are forced to stay just behind the rotation as the RFD is wrapping behind us.


Moments after tornado forms. The tornado was dancing on the road initially and resembled a drill bit.



Tornado moves into a grove of tress and strengthens.


Beautiful white cone tornado with Pine Trees being thrown around!!


Condensation funnel begins to dissipate but still has violent rotation.


Condensation funnel is gone but there is still strong rotation.